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Engagement and Content

Reach more people and stand out in the market through macro and micro content creators and actions with real consumers.


Use influence marketing to reach an assertive audience, work with dynamic campaigns, generating interest and using smart links.


Generate rich content, ensure more engagement with your audience and have a real contact channel with your consumers.

Know your content

Get access to activity charts

Real-time graphics that show your Instagram profile performance. You can check the average number of followers acquired daily and monthly; the frequency of posting; how many posts were made in the last month; the most used hashtags and a projection of the number of followers in the future, in addition to the posts and Stories posted on Instagram.

The solution chosen by market leaders to drive scale-influenced marketing campaigns

Why choose Infleux?

Create like yourself
We know that authentic content can only be produced when the influencer has complete freedom to create and speak best to their audience.

At Infleux, you have the power! You choose a campaign and start running it in the blink of an eye. Then you produce content to promote to your audience, however and whenever you want.

No bureaucracy
No more long nights waiting for that brand to accept your proposal. No more time wasted reading tedious contracts. To join Infleux, all you need is register and shine.

Reach a new audience
Attract your target audience and gain new consumers through influencers. Here you can reach an audience that might not be possible through traditional marketing.

Pay for performance
You choose how much you want to pay per installation. Influencers will promote your campaign and according to their performance

Completely transparent
Don't worry, here at Infleux you speak directly to us and you will have full access to all the results in real time, nothing is omitted from you.

In numbers we can say that...



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What our customers say...

"Infleux has become an important partner in our 'always on' acquisition strategy. Every week we have several digital influencers endorsing Deezer, talking about our content and encouraging their followers to download the app. And all of this with the certainty that our investment will be right, since we pay for performance."

Polyana Ferrari
Public Relations Brazil at Deezer
"Infleux is a long-time partner of Neon. Since the beginning, it delivers quality traffic that adds a lot of value to the company. Every day we have several influencers promoting Neon, with a very well structured workflow, and the best of everything, the security that we will only pay for performance counting on the audit of the published content."

Gabriel Teixeira
Media Leader at Neon
"We found Infleux when we were looking for a partner that would bring more qualified installs than other platforms delivered. Infleux became a key player in the top-of-the-funnel strategy, gaining relevance that before only much larger players could. In addition to the result achieved, they tell us with one of the best service teams we deal with on a daily basis. Not only do they perform their work concerned with performance, they also take risks, seek new influencers, curate content and suggest innovative tactics for campaigns. Long life and many installs to this partnership!"
Karina Mie Futino Miyaura
Marketing at Enjoei
“I met Infleux in the end of 2019 and since the first project we did at TPV, with the Philips Audio line, I've never quit! For a long time, we were looking for a solution with influencers that went beyond our reach, but that would give us the ability to measure and seek conversion. The platform is an essential part of our performance strategy and contributes month after month to our growth as a brand. We are very grateful for the campaigns we have run so far and we hope to continue reaping good results from all this work.”
Lara Maestrello Kuriki
Marketing at TPV Technology Limited


Experience is the key to lifetime customer value.


Infleux joined the duo Simone and Simaria and Guiabolso in a disclosure that generated 41.8k of downloads.


We reached the goal in just 11 days by means of selecting the influencers whose best performance was achieved in the financial segment.


In the fourth quarter of 2020, through Infleux's performance campaigns, our partner achieved more than hundreds of thousands of downloads and became one of the 15 most downloaded apps in the financial segment in the period.

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