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Imagine having access to campaigns from the coolest brands available on the market? We identify your profile and your audience's interests to indicate campaigns that suit you. So, all you need to do is choose the one that interests you the most and start engaging your audience. So easy!

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We connect you with brands


You register and connect with brands from the most diverse segments in a practical and effective way.

Create like yourself

You are free to advertise products and services that make sense to the profile's audience.


You post what you want, when you want and how you want.

Zero bureaucracy

With just a few clicks, our users are already participating in campaigns that make sense! No bureaucracy, approvals or other time-consuming processes.

Understand the way to your success with us

Briefly a member of our platform and select your category. We will analyze your profile and release campaigns within 1 business day.

Choose a campaign
We indicate you the campaigns that most fit your profile and your audience. Analyze the details of available campaigns to make the best decision.

Engage your audience
Now it's up to you! Start engaging your audience. Engage your audience. Post a story on your Instagram profile promoting the product or service of your chosen campaign. Don't forget to put the link URL!

Review the results
Follow the result of your work in real time. See the number of installs and how much you are earning in each campaign.

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Installs from our campaigns

The solution chosen by market leaders to drive scale-influenced marketing campaigns

Why choose Infleux?

Create like yourself
We know that authentic content can only be produced when the influencer has complete freedom to create and speak best to their audience.

At Infleux, you have the power! You choose a campaign and start running it in the blink of an eye. Then you produce content to promote to your audience, however and whenever you want.

No bureaucracy
No more long nights waiting for that brand to accept your proposal. No more time wasted reading tedious contracts. To join Infleux, all you need is register and shine.

Reach a new audience
Attract your target audience and gain new consumers through influencers. Here you can reach an audience that might not be possible through traditional marketing.

Pay for performance
You choose how much you want to pay per installation. Influencers will promote your campaign and according to their performance

Completely transparent
Don't worry, here at Infleux you speak directly to us and you will have full access to all the results in real time, nothing is omitted from you.

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