Frequently asked questions
by influencers

How do the campaigns work?

The Infleux partner brands create campaigns to promote their products with the goal of bring new users to their apps, websites or to use their services. Each campaign has a value that is paid for each conversion event (as installs, swipe, register, etc) and a briefing where is given directions for the influencers. You'll have in your dashboard many options of campaigns to choose, and after reading the briefing and accepting to run the campaign you are already ready to promote.

How can I know more about the campaign?

When you click the campaign card you have access to its briefing. There you can find all needed informations to know better the brand, know how to participate and make the promotion in the best way in order to get the best engagement as possible!
In the briefing you'll find more informations about the brand, an overview of the campaign with the goal and target; rules of what can not be done; tips of stories that get more engagement and instructions to make the promotion.

How do I make the promotion?

After accept running the campaign you'll have a personalized link available that redirects the user to the page of the product or the service in promotion. This link must be shared through Instagram Stories. In the briefing, you'll find tips of how to create a content that brings the best engagement. But, of course, always following the rules of the campaign, also described in the briefing.

Where can I share my promotion link?

Each campaign is released specially for each influencer according to the vertical, size and style of his Instagram profile. You must only promote campaigns that are available for you. Your promotion link is personal and non transferable, we do not allow it to be shared by other profiles. If someone wants to promote a campaign that you have, the person has to registrate in our platform and contact us so we can check if there is the possibility to release this campaign for her. Beside that, we ask you to only share your link through Instagram Stories, this way we can have control of the content and count all your conversions.

How many times can I make stories promoting a campaign?

How many times you want, while the campaign is in the air! Something that converts a lot is promoting one day and 4 or 5 days later promote it again using prints of your followers questions. Promote more than one time is also cool because some people may not have had the opportunity to see it in the first time.

Can I make the promotion of many campaigns at the same time?

Yes you can! But we don't recommend to make many promotions in the same day, once it decreases the conversion. Something really cool is to make a promotion per day, or every two days to don't tire your audience.

What is incent content?

Incent content is every content that contains some external appeal to the qualities of the app to encourage your followers to download it. This kind of content isn’t good because, if the download is not done by pure and spontaneous willingness the chances that it will generate actions inside the app (final goal of the advertiser) are too low.
Examples of incent content: “If you like me, download the app”, “if this app reach 300 installs I will make a challenge”, "I'm going to give a gift to someone who downloads the app". Notice that in all this cases people will download the app by some wrong reason and, because of that, the chances that they will actually use the app are minimal.

How does the report of installs works?

Who reports the conversions to us is the advertiser. We make the monitoring of the numbers of clicks and conversions of all influencers and compute this data. We also always test the links before we launch them in the campaigns.
In case you notice any problem or strangeness in your link, please tell us and we will check it out!

How many time does it take to the conversions I generated appear in my dashboard?

Who reports the conversions to us is the advertiser. This way, the report time does not depend on us and changes from brand to brand. But in general it takes around 10 minutes.

What is the influencer remuneration?

Our partner brands create the campaigns with the goal of bringing new users to their product/service that make actions in the app/site. Because of that, we remunerate influencer by commission. The advertisers pay for each conversion generated through your promotion. This conversion may be swipe, download, registry, first shopping, among others. This will be all specified in the campaign briefing.
Each brand offers a payment per conversion. So if you think the payment of a campaign is too low, it doesn’t mean that all campaigns will pay little.

How is done the payment?

The payment is done in dollars every first business day of the month through your PayPal account registered in the platform. We deposit any value from 1 dollar.

Why the campaign's payout is smaller than last month?

The influencers payment depends on the investment of each brand in each campaign. The advertisers calculate how much they want to invest each month according to the ROI they got last month. This way, the ideal is that the payment will be stable or each time bigger, but when the advertisers notice a bad performance they can decrease it.
We call bad performance when the conversions performed doesn’t bring return to the advertiser. For example: in a campaign that pays for installs of an app, if people download the app but don't actually use it, the installs are not worth it to the advertiser because he would like this new users to do other actions inside their app (shopping, ordering, etc).
So, in the following month, the commission for each conversion decreases so that it is proportional to the billing average that they generates in total (the account takes into consideration each influencer particularly).

How do I know if a campaign is available or paused?

Whenever a campaign is paused, we’ll send an email saying that it will be paused in 24 hours. In your dashboard paused campaigns are identified by a label that says “paused” in their cards.

When a campaign is paused?

Campaigns are paused in two situations:
1 - When the budget burst, what means the spent gets over the investment of the advertiser and we have to pause it to avoid loss (in this case we always strive to get an additional budget and unpause them as sooner as possible).
2 - When the time limit of the campaign ends. Campaigns usually has duration till the end of the month and can be or not extended. In special cases like promotions for limited time, it is informed in the briefing.

What happens to my conversions when the campaign is paused?

When a campaign is paused all you already converted keeps computed and you will receive for it normally.
We send an email informing that the campaign will be paused in 24 hours. It means that after this time the shelf life of your link will expire and it is not possible for users to access the download page through it anymore. This way, it is no longer possible to generate new installs.

I don’t have any campaign available. What do I do to get more?

When you enter Infleux we analyze your profile to choose the campaigns which fits the most with you and your audience. This process may take up to one business day.
When you’ve run all your campaigns and want it more, just contact us by direct through Instagram: @infleux.co, by e-mail: hello@infleux.co ou by whatsapp: +55 (11) 99571-0495, and we'll talk to you to find new campaigns that fit with your profile.

Do you accept any influencer in your platform?

All influencers are free to register in Infleux, but we do not release campaigns to profiles that:
Has xenophobic, racist, sexist or homophobic publications;
Infringes somehow copyright image;
Has less than 10k followers. That is because the swipe up function in Instagram Stories (the way we work) is only available to profiles with more than 10k followers. So every time a smaller profile gets in we archive it and wait till it gets the 10k followers.

What does Infleux get with all these?

Brands pay Infleux a fee for manage and recruit influencers for their campaigns.

Can I receive the products I promote?

Infleux would love to respond yes, but as we have lots of registered influencers it is not viable to send products to all in the moment. The sending issue depends only on the advertiser brands, once the products are theirs.

How to speak to Infleux?

For questions, suggestions, feedbacks, requests of help and what else you need you can contact us by direct through Instagram in @infleux.co, by e-mail: hello@infleux.co ou by whatsapp: +55 (11) 99571-0495.