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What is Infleux?

Infleux is a platform that connects brands and digital influencers through advertising campaigns. Our biggest goal is to allow our influencers community to advertise all products and services that make sense for them and their followers with ease, free of bureaucracy and full of autonomy :-)

What does Infleux do?

Infleux works with branding and performance campaigns. All branding ones are negotiated directly with the advertisers, resulting in cool and exclusive projects. The performance campaigns, our main focus, are made available on our platform, and our users can run them whenever and wherever they feel like it.

In other words, we use technology to optimize processes and aim to scale all kinds of influencer advertising making it as simple and practical as we can. With us, you don't need to go through long negotiations, wait in line for an agent reply or worry whether a project will really happen or not - we do all the paperwork, close the deals for our influencers, and they have full freedom of choice.

Does Infleux accept all influencers?

All influencers are welcome to sign up to Infleux, the only forbidden profiles are those that:
• Make use of xenophobic, homophobic, mysogist or racist content;
• Break copyrights;

How much does it cost to subscribe to Infleux?

Not a thing :) There's no cost to sign up or any monthly subscription to have your influencer account with us. Infleux is a platform free of charge, and we grow together as the campaigns are posted.

How can I contact the Team?

For questions, suggestions or anything else, you can reach out to us by the channels below.

@infleux.co at Instagram (direct message)
+55 11 97362 5915.

infleux Users

Is there a contract or exclusivity clause by signing up to Infleux?

Creating your account with us is completely free and involves no bureaucracy. When signing up, you simply agree with our Terms of Use and you'll be ready to know our platform. It is not mandatory to compromise to running our campaigns, so if you sign up and choose to leave it be, not a problem.

I might have set up wrong information when signing up, what now?

For security reasons, we don't allow our users to change their login information. If you made eventual mistakes regarding your audience, your type of content creation or even part of your personal data, please reach out to us.

We will proceed with the requested alterations in the safest way possible, which might involve verification codes and direct messages. As everything else, making the process as simple and safe as possible.

How do I verify my email and my Instagram account?

(1) Email validation
After creating your account, we must verify your email so you can use our platform. As soon as your account has been created, we'll send a verification email - on it, as you click on the "Verify Email" button, you'll be redirected to our website and boom, all done.

You can't access our platform without this process. In case you didn't receive our email, a new one can be asked for directly by logging in. Once you receive it, the old one will expire, so make sure to click on the last sent email to successfully verify the account.

(2) Profile validation
In order to make sure that the account was really created by the profile's owner, we ask you to comment an exclusive code that will be presented to you on our platform right after you login in one specific picture of our Instagram feed and to also send us a spefic emoji via DM.

Member get member (MGM)

What is MGM?

Member Get Member is an Infleux's program through which our users invite new influencers to join and sign up to our platform. We created this initiative because we realized that, in general, the influencer community tends to feel safer signing up if someone they trust present our product to them.

At MGM Program the user that invites new influencers will receive 10% of all the referral earnings for the first 12 months counting from the moment each one of them created their account.

How does the MGM work?

By opening up a MGM for you, we are offering the possibility to create a 'network'. Your network is composed by all influencers who have signed up under your invitation. To identify them all and monitor the numbers, we generate an exclusive link for you and everyone who signs up using it will be automatically added to your network.

Which are are MGM rules?

One of the most important premisses is the need for each influencer to create his/hers own login. The reason for this cruciality is that by signing up, you accept certain Terms and Conditions in the name of the profile you are registering. So, if someone else creates it, the login will be invalidated and deactivated for legal and compliance reasons.

Who can I invite to join my network?

All influencers are welcome to sign up to Infleux, the only don't accept profiles that:
• Make use of xenophobic, homophobic, mysogist or racist content;
• Break copyrights;

What's in it for me?

Você receberá uma comissão de 10% sobre o rendimento que os influencers da sua network gerarem em campanhas de performance pelos primeiros seis meses de cada cadastro realizado! Ah, e não se preocupe: eles não recebem menos por isso, esta porcentagem sai da margem da Infleux!

You'll receive a 10% commision over all revenue that your network's influencers generate in performance campaigns for the first 12 months counting from the moment each one of them created their account.

How to activate my MGM?

To activate your MGM network please send us a message in one of the channels below:

@infleux.co at Instagram (direct message)
+55 11 99571-0495.

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