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About US

What is Infleux?

Infleux is a platform that connects brands and digital influencers through advertising campaigns. Our biggest goal is to allow our influencers community to advertise all products and services that make sense for them and their followers with ease, free of bureaucracy and full of autonomy :-)

What does Infleux do?

Infleux works with branding and performance campaigns. All branding ones are negotiated directly with the advertisers, resulting in cool and exclusive projects. The performance campaigns, our main focus, are made available on our platform, and our users can run them whenever and wherever they feel like it.

In other words, we use technology to optimize processes and aim to scale all kinds of influencer advertising making it as simple and practical as we can. With us, you don't need to go through long negotiations, wait in line for an agent reply or worry whether a project will really happen or not - we do all the paperwork, close the deals for our influencers, and they have full freedom of choice.

Does Infleux accept all influencers?

All influencers are welcome to sign up to Infleux, the only forbidden profiles are those that:
• Make use of xenophobic, homophobic, mysogist or racist content;
• Break copyrights;
• Have less than 10k followers - as this is the minimum limit applied by Instagram to release the 'swipe up' feature, which is the basis of how we advertise. Profiles below this threshold are filed so we can revisit a partnership possibility once they have a bigger audience :-)

How much does it cost to subscribe to Infleux?

Not a thing :) There's no cost to sign up or any monthly subscription to have your influencer account with us. Infleux is a platform free of charge, and we grow together as the campaigns are posted.

How does Infleux make money?

Our advertisers pay Infleux a fee to manage and recruit influencers for their campaigns in a stable and scalable manner.

How can I contact the Team?

For questions, suggestions or anything else, you can reach out to us by the channels above.

@infleux.co at Instagram
+55 11 97362 5915.

infleux Users

Is there a contract or exclusivity clause by signing up to Infleux?

Creating your account with us is completely free and involves no bureaucracy. When signing up, you simply agree with our Terms of Use and you'll be ready to know our platform. It is not mandatory to compromise to running our campaigns, so if you sign up and choose to leave it be, not a problem.

I might have set up wrong information when signing up, what now?

For security reasons, we don't allow our users to change their login information. If you made eventual mistakes regarding your audience, your type of content creation or even part of your personal data, please reach out to us.

We will proceed with the requested alterations in the safest way possible, which might involve verification codes and direct messages. As everything else, making the process as simple and safe as possible.

How do I verify my email and my Instagram account?

(1) Email validation
After creating your account, we must verify your email so you can use our platform. As soon as your account has been created, we'll send a verification email - on it, as you click on the "Verify Email" button, you'll be redirected to our website and boom, all done.

You can't access our platform without this process. In case you didn't receive our email, a new one can be asked for directly by logging in. Once you receive it, the old one will expire, so make sure to click on the last sent email to successfully verify the account.

(2) Profile validation
In order to make sure that the account was really created by the profile's owner, we ask you to comment an exclusive code that will be presented to you on our platform right after you login in one specific picture of our Instagram feed and to also send us a spefic emoji via DM.

The Campaigns

How do the campaigns work?

Our partners create campaigns with us aiming to raise the amount of users of their product/service. Each campaign has its own briefing with corresponding rules to clarify the amount paid by each conversion generated - which can be based on installs, swipes and other levels of activity.

By accessing our platform, you'll have several campaign options to choose from and, after going through its briefing, you'll be ready to run our campaigns :-)

How can I know some more about the campaign?

By clicking on the campaign card you'll have full access to its briefing. There you'll find all the necessary information to better know the brand, check its rules, understand the campaign's goal, access tips and get discount codes to create your advertising content generating the highest level of engagement ;-)

How do I make the ad happen?

After accepting to 'run' the campaign, you'll have access to a personalized and exclusive link which will direct the user directly to the product/service page. Then, simply create your content and add the link to your stories 'swipe up' feature. This link cannot be transferred to anyone else and must only be used on your profile.

You are fully free to create the content of your posts in the way you find the most attractive and fun for your audience, just be careful to always follow the campaign's rules. To visit them again and check for tips on what to do, you need only access the briefing.

Where can I share my advertising link? Can anyone else do it?

The campaigns are released especially for each influencer according to their segment, size and profile style. You can only publish the campaigns that were set available for you, which can only happen on your own profile. Also, keep in mind that your advertising link is of personal use and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

If anyone wants to also publish one of your campaigns, the influencer must sign up so we can check if it's a possibility considering all variables involved.

When should I add a #ad to my post?

Once the user clicks on the link or swipes up the 'story', Infleux shows your followers a page with your profile photo, the #ad, and the words "this is a tip from @yourinstagram" while the final page is being loaded. Even so, we recommend that you also use the #ad on the post itself given that each country has different rules for this topic, and might judge this intermediary page as not enough to identify the content as a paid advertisement.

How many times can I post the campaign?

As many as you like while it's still set live. A suggestion is to post the campaign and, after 3 to 5 days, do it once again using screenshots from your followers with questions or comments they might have sent you. Not only does this reinforce the message, but it also gives people who missed the campaign on the first time a chance to see it.

May I post more than one campaign at the same time?

Sure. We don't recommend doing many in a row as it tends to lower the amount of conversions delivered. A suggestion would be to post one a day or one every two days so it doesn't tire your audience.

How do I know whether a campaign is live or paused?

On our platform the paused campaigns are identified by a big tag that says "paused" on its own cards. Also, whenever a pause action happens, you'll receive an email warning you about it and explaining that for every post already made, the link will still work for the following 24 hours - which is enough time for your stories to expire naturally.

When or why are the campaigns paused?

The campaigns are paused on three situations:
1 - When we reach the budget set by the advertiser;
2 - When the campaigns period ends. The campaigns in general are monthly based, and their expiration date can be extended if so approved by the brand;
3 - In specific cases of posts non compliant to the campaigns briefing, the influencer responsible for such action will lose access to the campaign.

What happens to my conversions when the campaigns are paused?

Whenever a campaign is paused, you'll receive an email notification and your link will remain valid for the following 24 hours (if you already used it), after this period, it will automatically stop working. This gives you enough time for all your story posts to expire as usual. Your accumulated conversions while the link's working will be normally paid for.

I don't have any campaigns available. How can I get some approved?

By signing up to Infleux, we make a full analysis of your profile to chose the best fitting campaigns for you and your audience. This process takes up to one working day.

In case you already ran all campaigns opened for you and you still want more options, just reach out to us via these channels below and we'll check some more opportunities for you.

@infleux.co at Instagram
+55 11 97362 5915.

Why is the value paid per swipe/install lower than in the previous month?

The payout (amount paid per event) is determined for each action by the advertisers themselves, and its variation can be related to a series of factors like: a change in their internal strategy, shifts on the budget for digital marketing investments, low quality of previous cases (when the stories don't bring out many positive outcomes in terms of purchase and retention), and so on. Whenever possible, we try to negotiate adjustments in order to ensure the scalability of the campaigns.

Can I receive some of the products I advertise with Infleux?

This matter depends exclusively on the advertising brands, once its their product and the cost involved would be a part of the ad investment as a whole. Whenever this is a possibility, the full description of the process will be stated in the campaigns' briefing.


What is incentivized content?

Incentivized content is that present in every post that contains an appeal to anything other than the characteristics related to the advertised app/service itself in order to push one's followers to download it or swipe up. Some examples are posts that say "if you want to help me, swipe up", "if the app reaches 300 installs, I'll create a challenge", "send me a printscreen of the app on your phone and I'll like your last picture", etc.

This type of content does not bring good results to the campaigns as the swipe up or the download tend to be done only by interests parallel to the advertised product. We do not remunerate or accept incentivized content of any kind.

Also, it's important to remember that only new installs or swipe ups will be accounted for. In other words, if the user already had the app once, erased it and downloaded it again using Infleux's link, the action will not be considered.

Why does Infleux ask if I use my page for political-electoral purposes?

This confirmation is important for Infleux because some of our advertisers place restrictions on the advertising of their brand, products and services on channels with political-electoral content. We'll never discriminate against our influencers because of their ideas and political positions, but we need to respect and protect our advertisers and the other parties involved (including you).

If you confirm that you use your page for political-electoral purposes, Infleux will try to avoid decreasing the campaigns available on our platform. To this end, we will communicate with our advertisers and ask for authorization to make campaigns available for your profile. We'll not discuss any issues related to the political direction of your profile, but will only ask for such authorization. If you are new to our platform, it may take a while to release campaigns for you as a result.


How does the conversions report work?

The conversions are reported directly by the advertiser through the advertising link, and you can keep track of your accumulated numbers directly on our platform on a real-time basis (facing a maximum update delay of 10 minutes).

In case you note any irregularities on the link's behaviour please notify us as soon as possible so we can investigate and fix eventual difficulties.

How long does it take for the conversions I generated to show up for me?

The accounting interval depends on the period that the advertiser takes to report everything back to Infleux, but the maximum delay is of 10 minutes.

One conversion of mine was not accounted for, why?

Some reasons why this might have happened are:
1 - You have been connected to our platform for a long time, and it's showing old numbers. In this case, please sign out and sign in once again to see it all updated;
2 - The user already downloaded the app, but didn't open it yet - for the conversion to be identified, the user must open it;
3 - The user already had the app once before - the campaigns only accept "fresh installs";
4 - In cases of campaigns based on swipe ups, only one swipe up is accounted for each mobile phone - in other words, duplicates are not accepted, which can generate a discrepancy between the amount of clicks and conversions registered.

To ensure quality of deliver to our partners, Infleux is protected by several anti-fraud systems that avoid suspicious conversions. In case you can still spot inconsistencies in the numbers, please reach out to us.

Member get member (MGM)

What is MGM?

Member Get Member is an Infleux's program through which our users invite new influencers to join and sign up to our platform. We created this initiative because we realized that, in general, the influencer community tends to feel safer signing up if someone they trust present our product to them.

How does the MGM work?

By opening up a MGM for you, we are offering the possibility to create a 'network'. Your network is composed by all influencers who have signed up under your invitation. To identify them all and monitor the numbers, we generate an exclusive link for you and everyone who signs up using it will be automatically added to your network.

Which are are MGM rules?

One of the most important premisses is the need for each influencer to create his/hers own login. The reason for this cruciality is that by signing up, you accept certain Terms and Conditions in the name of the profile you are registering. So, if someone else creates it, the login will be invalidated and deactivated for legal and compliance reasons.

Who can I invite to join my network?

All influencers are welcome to sign up to Infleux, the only don't accept profiles that:
• Make use of xenophobic, homophobic, mysogist or racist content;
• Break copyrights;
• Have less than 10k followers - as this is the minimum limit applied by Instagram to release the 'swipe up' feature, which is the basis of how we advertise. Profiles below this threshold are filed so we can revisit a partnership possibility once they have a bigger audience :-)

What's in it for me?

Você receberá uma comissão de 10% sobre o rendimento que os influencers da sua network gerarem em campanhas de performance pelos primeiros seis meses de cada cadastro realizado! Ah, e não se preocupe: eles não recebem menos por isso, esta porcentagem sai da margem da Infleux!

You'll receive a 10% commision over all revenue that your network's influencers generate in performance campaigns for the first six months counting from the moment each one of them created their account.

How to activate my MGM?

Make sure to carefully read the Terms and Conditions before accepting to be a part of it.

One of the influencers I invited didn't sign up with my link, what now?

Once registered to Infleux, we can't migrate the influencer to be a part of one network or another. For that, it's important to keep in mind that if the influencer you reached out to didn't sign up using your exclusive link, he/she will not be a part of your network.

What is my role as MGM?

As you'll receive a commission over all the revenue coming from your network, it's interesting that you incentivize them to run campaigns and really use the platform by giving support and tips for them to perform the very best they can - after all, this will also benefit your numbers.

Oh and don't waste any time to activate them, remember that the profiles will remain on your network only during the first six months counting from the moment each one of them created their account :-)


How does the influencer's payment work?

Our advertisers create campaigns aiming to bring new users to their product/service, focusing on the generation of events within the app/website - like purchases, retention, and other levels of interaction. For that, our influences are remunerated on a commission basis.

The brands pay for each conversion your post generated, which can be based on swipe ups, installs, subscriptions, etc - all details are always explicitly stated on the campaign's briefing. Each brand uses a different conversion model with different values, so it's always a good idea to keep an eye out for opportunities to find the one that best fits you.

How is the payment done?

The payment is done by the 3rd working day of the month to the PayPal account you registered. We deposit any value higher than USD 10.

Brazilian users must follow Brazil's law, so the dynamics are a bit different because of the taxes. Kindly visit our FAQ in portuguese to clarify eventual questions regarding it.

What information does Infleux need to pay the influencers?

You only need to have your PayPal account registered on our platform. In order to upload it, simply log in, click on the "Settings" icon (on the top right corner of your page) and go to the tab "Payment".

Brazilian users must follow Brazil's law, so the dynamics are a bit different because of the taxes. Kindly visit our FAQ in portuguese to clarify eventual questions regarding it.

When is the payment processed?

All payments are processed by the 3rd working day of the month. For that, make sure that your financial data is always updated properly to avoid delays on your earnings.

Why didn't I receive the payment yet?

The most common causes of missing payments are related to problems with your PayPal account, so please make sure that everything is working properly and don't forget to register it on our platform.

When an account has any kind of pending actions on PayPal (such as 'non-verified email'), the value we pay does not reach the account - it ends up set as 'unclaimed'. In this case, you'll have 30 days starting from the payment date to proceed with any adjustments PayPal might be requiring and, once it's all fixed, the value will be added to your account. In case you exceed this period, the value is returned to Infleux, and we'll have to process your payment once again on the next payment cycle - still, it will only enter your account if it's free of pendencies.

Also, we only process payments that sum up to more than 10 dollars. So if you didn't accumulate this revenue yet, we can't process it. Since the numbers are accumulated, once you reach the minimum threshold, we'll process the payment on the next payment cycle :)

If your case does not fit into any of these situations, please reach out to us so we can check what might have happened and solve it as soon as possible.