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Imagine having access to campaigns from the coolest brands available for you to promote?
We identify your profile and your audience interests to indicate campaigns that will be a perfect match. So all you have to do is to choose between all the campaigns the one that fits you the most and start engaging your audience.


creative freedom

We know that an authentic content can only be produced when you have total freedom to create and speak to your audience.
So, here you don't have to worry, we let you do your business.



At Infleux, you have the power! You can choose the campaign that you prefer and start running at the blink of an eye.
Then, you produce the content and promote to your audience, all in your time.


zero bureaucracy

No more long nights waiting for that brand to accept your proposal. No more wasted time writing and reading boring contracts. To enter Infleux all you have to do it's login and do what you do best.

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first steps

how to use infleux


Sign up

Make a quick registration in our platform and select your category. Simple as that and you can already start using Infleux.


Choose a campaign

We'll display in your dashboard the campaigns that better fit your profile and audience. Analyze the briefing and how much each campaign pays to make the best decision.


engage your audience

Now it's up to you! Start engaging your audience. Post on Instagram a story promoting the campaign's product or service. Don't forget to put the URL link for people to swipe up!


real-time results

You can track the results of your work in real time. See the number of installs and how much you are earning in each campaign.

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Member get member

build your own network

The "Member get member" is another way for you to make money on Infleux. It's super easy: you invite up to 10 influencers to use the platform through a special link that we'll give you and so you build your own network. Whenever they run campaigns, you earn a percentage of what they earn. This feature is only available for a few influencers for now, if you have interest talk to us!

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you can work with awesome brands anytime you want


SKYSCANNER and @caiotravels

Caio Travels - as his Instagram name suggests - is a influencer very trusted by travel lovers, so Skyscanner - an awesome travel app - was a perfect fit for him and his audience. Caio with his fun personality, taught his faithful followers how to use the app, and promoted a lot of flights promotions. He was one of our first influencers and until today he loves to promote Skyscanner promotions. In total there were over 12,250 installs.


what influencers say about us

“Aenean eu leo quam. Pellentesque ornare sem lacinia quam venenatis vestibulum. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed consectetur. Morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum”

- gabbie fadel

“Aenean eu leo quam. Pellentesque ornare sem lacinia quam venenatis vestibulum. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed consectetur. Morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum”

- gabbie fadel


what influencers say about us

"For 4 years I've been working as a digital influencer and I've never found a platform that connects companies to influencers in the way Infleux does. In addition to having a very objective usability, you have the freedom to make the promotions any way you want and when you want. The remuneration is excellent and totally linked to its conversion, further valuing the influencers with high engagement. I couldn't forget to talk about the support that Infleux offers us: always very attentive and efficient. It's been amazing to promote campaigns through Infleux"

- @Tabatachang

fitness influencer

"I entered Infleux by invitation and didn't believe at first that it could be something so refreshing. I improved my engagement, understood my potential and learned a lot (and I still learn). I love promoting the campaigns and even identify with many of them, which makes my promotion and relationship with the network more natural. Infleux and I are in a serious relationship, can't live without! Lol."

- @gabecardoso

Lifestyle influencer and faustao ballerina

"I loved working with Infleux in 2018! It was an huge opportunity, mainly because the campaigns were about the audience and themes that I approach in my social networks! The platform is easy to access and has everything explained of how to make the promotions! It's a great way to make money and at the same time tell your followers about incredible apps !!!"

- @meninacachos

Beauty influencer

"Infleux helped my dreams coming true. It gave me the freedom to work with who I want, the way I want and the time I want. Infleux certainly revolutionized the way of working with influencers and every day I feel very privileged to be part of this platform."

- @caiotravels

travel influencer

"Whats up, beautiful people who watch me and adore me? GKay talking here, and I want to share my experience with Infleux, which is this incredible platform that brings together the best apps for us to promote. My experience with Infleux was wonderful because they have incredible professionalism, the dates are all set, incredible sensitivity - so you have contact with everyone in Infleux and solve any problems, any doubts they take on time, so I only have praise for Infleux which is a platform that only grows and in 2019 will rock!"

- @gessicakayane

humor influencer

"Infleux is a wonderful, practical, versatile & extremely coherent platform. I'm very selective in the type of content that I produce and divulge, and Infleux besides always presenting projects aligned with my proposal and ideals, help me directly in the way to approach the subjects and to understand each step to leverage ideas that facilitate the life of my audience. I'm very grateful and happy to be part of this revolutionary and so important team!"

- @luisamoraleida

travel influencer

"I met Infleux through an invitation from a friend. I did the first campaign promotion and it worked very well. Besides earning money, I learned how to talk to my audience and to show and create content in a more dynamic way. Generally the campaigns are about things I really use, there're lots of new things on the market and I love getting to know them too. I love Infleux, that's it lol..."

- @thaysvita_

Lifestyle influencer

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