run influencer marketing
campaigns at scale

run influencer marketing
campaigns at scale

infleux for your brand

high-quality traffic for your performance campaigns

As a brand you want to communicate in the best way possible with your final consumer convincing that is worth using your service or product, isn't that right?
Why not leave this job to someone who has free access and is trusted by your target audience?

At Infleux, hundreds of influencers will be able to promote the campaigns created by your brand. Just define the campaign goals through the briefing; set a bid and let the influencers do their magic.


100% transparency

You don't have to worry, here at Infleux you speak directly to us and you will have full access to all charts and results in real time. Nothing is omitted from you.


pay for performance

You choose how much you want to pay per install. Influencers will promote your campaign and earn according to their performance. So, you pay literally per install.


reach a new audience

Get closer to you target audience and attract new consumers. At Infleux you can reach an audience that perhaps wouldn't be possible through traditional marketing.

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first steps

how to use infleux


Sign up

Make a quick registration in our platform and we will contact you. Here at Infleux we pay special attention to each client and their needs.


create a campaign

Choose the target audience that your campaign wants to reach, how much you want to pay per conversion, and tell us a bit about the campaign goals in the briefing.



Now we do the work! Our algorithms will recommend your campaign to the influencers who best fit the proposal.


real-time results

The posts and stories promoting your campaign will appear on your platform with several charts and analysis. You can track everything in real time.

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our model

scalable and measurable

Infleux brings a new perspective in the advertising market without losing the advantages of campaigns made in the traditional way.

Our business model is completely scalable, we get the best influencers to run your campaigns and you only pay by performance.
Besides, everything is measurable: you will have access to all the results and analysis on your dashboard.


you can work with TALENTED INFLUENCERS


skyscanner and @caiotravels

Caio Travels - as his Instagram name suggests - is a influencer very trusted by travel lovers, so Skyscanner - an awesome travel app - was a perfect fit for him and his audience. Caio with his fun personality, taught his faithful followers how to use the app, and weekly promoted a lot of flights promotions. The result? 5.600 conversions and more than 32.500 clicks.


BABBEL and @victoriaroman_

Victoria Roman helped to promote a Babbel campaign, an app to learn new languages in a quickly and intuitively way.
She engaged her audience and a lot of her followers were excited about the app.  She was also one of the firsts to join the member get member program and recruit influencers for her network.


what brands say about us

"Infleux enables us to connect with top influencers in the market to promote our product to our targeted audience. What we most like about Influex is the high interest in learning about how our product works to maximize our return of investment."

- Maria Bazzoni

skyscanner Marketing Consultant